Here you will find some stuff publicized by the Sinclair Gebruikersgroep Groningen/Assen (Sinclair Usergroup Groningen/Assen in The Netherlands)

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GDOS disk image containing Tornado & sources DISCiPLE/+D version. Roelof Koning 1991. MGT routines by Rudy Biesma.
Include works with GDOS capable emulator.

Johan Screendump
Prints 4 small screendumps . Roelof Koning 1994.

Prints a neat listing to screen or printer. Roelof Koning 1996.

Propprint extends the normal printcapacities of the Spectrum. Roelof Koning 1989.

Quick DOS
Opus QuickDOS source. Victor Vogelpoel 1991.

JRB August 2004