Here you will find some stuff publicized by the Sinclair Gebruikersgroep Groningen/Assen (Sinclair Usergroup Groningen/Assen in The Netherlands)

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Engine demo
Made by Roelof Koning in 1989 to demonstrate the 256K RAM/96K ROM expansion for the Spectrum 48K. Later the SCR$ were compressed so the demo fitted in 48K RAM.

The best assembler for the Spectrum, by Roelof Koning 1991.
Tornado and Comet (for SAM, by Edwin Blink) were written at the same time based on the same ideas. Both programmers learned a lot from each other, while keeping their personal touch.
For 'Extended' (esc to main menu) in Tornado, press Shift + Control when using an emulator.
This is the DISCiPLE/+D version, MGT routines were done by Rudy Biesma. Include works with GDOS capable emulator.

Also made by Roelof Koning in 1989; PROPPRINT consists of a number of routines that are ment to extend the normal printcapacities of the Spectrum.
PROPPRINT emulates a.o. a non-existing command like:
PRINT WINDOW 3; AT 2,2; INK 4; FONT 5; CSIZE 7; PAPER 7; "Hello"

Propprint manual     Propprint source

Inspired by Romantic Robot's Genie (for Multiface) this disassembler runs in the screen RAM. The underlying code however is based upon the method given by Toni Baker in "Mastering Machine Code". For readability reasons the source code is of a 'non-screen' version. (not yet available) Roelof Koning 1992.

DOS Copier
This program copies files from FAT12 compatible floppies (MS, MSX and AtariST), only DD (double density) because in those days the Spectrum couldn't do HD (no MB02). Written by Rudy Biesma in 1994, the frontend and 64 char routine were written by Roelof Koning. The program wil split larger files automatically in selectable size chunks. DISCiPLE, +D and Opus versions.

This program copies files between DISCiPLE/+D disks. Written by Tonnie Stap in 1990, these are the latest 48k and 128k versions. The programs reset the Spectrum when done.

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