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Miscalleneous routines I

Here follow the '5' bytes that compose the +D "P" channel.

0407 P_CHANNEL  DEFW #0008
0409            DEFW #0008
040B            DEFB "P"

If the printer is to be controlled by the +D system, the following subroutine copies the
"P" channel data into the channel.

040F            CALL Z,#208C,JPRTR
0412            LD   A,(#200B)           (ZXPNT)
0415            BIT  0,A
0417            RET  NZ                  Return if the printer isn't to be
0418            AND  A                   handled by the +D.
0419            CALL NZ,#0433,INIT_PRT1  If necessary initialize printer.
041C            LD   HL,(23631)          Get address of channel data. (CHANS)
041F            LD   BC,15               Offset for channel "P".
0422            ADD  HL,BC
0423            EX   DE,HL
0424            LD   HL,#0407,P_CHANNEL
0427            LD   BC,5
042A            LDIR                     Copy the "P" channel data.
042C            RET

This subroutine initialises the printer, if it's to be handled by the +D and if it's
attached, by sending the initialisation codes and the permanent setting codes as
mentioned in the 'Setup' program.

042D INIT_PRTR  LD   A,(#200B)
0430            BIT  0,A                 Exit if printer not to be handled
0432            RET  NZ                  by +D.
0433 INIT_PRT1  XOR  A
0434            LD   (#200B),A
0437            IN   A,(247)
0439            BIT  7,A
043B            RET  NZ                  Exit if the printer is busy.
043C            LD   DE,#2012,INIT_PRT   Send initialisation codes to printer.
043F            CALL #140B,PO_ESC_SEQ
0442            LD   DE,#201A,CHAR_PITCH Set character pitch.
0445            CALL #140B,PO_ESC_SEQ
0448            LD   DE,#2022,N/72_LSPC  Set line spacing to (#2007)/72 inch.
044B            CALL #140B,PO_ESC_SEQ
044E            LD   A,(#2007)
0451            CALL #15C9,PNTP
0454            LD   DE,#2032,INIT_PRT2  Set other permanent printer settings.
0457            JP   #140B,PO_ESC_SEQ

This subroutine calculates the checksum of the system file in RAM. Its is used to check
if the system isn't corrupted.

045B            PUSH AF                  Calculate checksum.
045C            LD   HL,#2080
045F            LD   BC,#197F
0462 SYS_OK1    POP  AF
0463            ADD  A,(HL)
0464            PUSH AF
0465            INC  HL
0466            DEC  BC
0467            LD   A,B
0468            OR   C
0469            JR   NZ,#0462,SYS_OK1
046B            POP  AF
046C            CP   (HL)                Exit with Zero set if checksums
046D            RET                      match.

After the syntax of the 'new' commands has been checked, a jump is made here to confirm
that the statement is finished. An error report is given if it isn't finished. A return
to the calling routine is made only during runtime, otherwise the control returns to the
'main' ROM interpreter. 

046E ST_END     CALL #002C,GET_C         Get current character.
0471            CP   13
0473            JR   Z,#047A,ST_END1     Jump if the statement ends with ENTER.
0475            CP   58,":"              Give an error if statement doesn't end
0477            JP   NZ,#1648,REP_2      with a colon.
047A ST_END1    RST  #30,SYNTAX_Z
047B            RET  NZ                  Return during runtime.

The control is returned to the BASIC interpreter for interpretation of the next

047C END        LD   SP,(23613)          Clear machine stack. (ERR_SP)
0480            LD   (IY+0),#FF          Clear error code. (ERR_NR)
0484            LD   HL,#1BF4,STMT_NEXT  Return address to 'main' ROM is
0487            RST  #30,SYNTAX_Z        'STMT_NEXT' if syntax is being checked.
0488            JP   Z,#004F,UNPAGE_HL
048B            CALL #168E,BORD_REST     Restore border color.
048E            CALL #0497,TST_BREAK     Test for BREAK.
0491            LD   HL,#1B7D,STMT_R_1   Return address during runtime is
0494            JP   #004F,UNPAGE_HL     'STMT_R_1'.

The BREAK key is checked and the appropriate error is given if it is pressed. 

0497 TST_BREAK  LD   A,#7F
0499            IN   A,(254)
049B            RRA
049C            RET  C                   Return if SPACE wasn't pressed.
049D            LD   A,#FE
049F            IN   A,(254)
04A1            RRA
04A2            RET  C                   Return if CAPS wasn't pressed.
04A3            JP   #164A,REP_3

This routine calls the required 'main' ROM routine.
04A6 CALBAS_2   LD   (#3AC5),DE          Free DE and HL.
04AA            LD   (#3AC8),HL
04AD            POP  HL                  Get return address, points to address
04AE            LD   E,(HL)              of 'main' ROM routine to be called.
04AF            INC  HL                  Fetch address of routine to be called.
04B0            LD   D,(HL)
04B1            INC  HL
04B2            PUSH HL                  Restack return address.
04B3            LD   HL,#3DE5
04B6            LD   (HL),#47            Signal 'CALBAS executing'.
04B8            LD   HL,#0066            Return address to +D system is
04BB            PUSH HL                  'NMI_RAM'.
04BC            PUSH DE                  Push address of routine to be called.
04BD            LD   HL,(#3AC8)          Restore HL and DE.
04C0            LD   DE,(#3AC5)
04C4            JP   #0050,UNPAGE_1      Do the CALBAS.

The POKE @ command allows a value between 0 and 255 to be stored in the +D system
variables. But if the value is between 256 and 65535 the POKE @ behaves as a DPOKE.
Because the +D system vars have a offset of #2000 (or 8192) this value has to be
subtracted if the POKE @ is to be made directly to the given address. So POKE
@60000-8192,1000 to DPOKE 60000,1000.

04C7 POKE@      CALL #0527,SYSTEM_Z      Maybe there is an alternative routine
04CA            CALL Z,#2089,JPOKE       in the system file.
04CD            RST  #28,NEXT_C          Get next character.
04CE            CP   64,"@"
04D0            JP   NZ,#1644,REP_0      If it isn't "@" give error.
04D3            RST  #10,CALBAS          Evaluate the two following numeric
04D4            DEFW #1C79,NEXT_2NUM     expressions.
04D6            CALL #046E,ST_END        Confirm end of statement and exit
04D9            RST  #10,CALBAS          during syntax checking.
04DA            DEFW #1E99,FIND_INT2     Fetch value to be POKEd in BC.
04DC            PUSH BC
04DD            RST  #10,CALBAS
04DE            DEFW #1E99,FIND_INT2     Fetch POKE address.
04E0            LD   HL,#2000            Offset for +D system variables.
04E3            ADD  HL,BC
04E4            POP  BC
04E5            LD   (HL),C              POKE address,low byte.
04E6            LD   A,B
04E7            AND  A
04E8            JP   Z,#047C,END         Exit if 8 bit value.
04EB            INC  HL                  Otherwise POKE address+1,high byte
04EC            LD   (HL),B              before exiting.
04ED            JP   #047C,END

This routine must be entered with the error code in (ERR_NR), and does the same as the
'main' ROM  'ERROR' restart, except when error messages are to be supressed. This is
indicated by a non zero value in 23728.

04F0 SPEC_ERR   LD   HL,(#3DD6)          Fetch D_CH_ADD.
04F3            LD   (23645),HL          Restore CH_ADD.
04F6            LD   (23647),HL          Restore X_PTR.
04F9 SPEC_ERR1  LD   HL,#0058
04FC            RST  #30,SYNTAX_Z        RETurn to #58, which is in ERROR_2, in
04FD            JP   Z,#004F,UNPAGE_HL   the Spectrum ROM when checking syntax.
0500            LD   A,(23728)
0503            AND  A                   Also RETurn to #58 in 'main' ROM when
0504            JP   Z,#004F,UNPAGE_HL   error messages aren't to be supressed.
0507            SET  7,(IY+0)            Otherwise signal 'Spectrum error'.
050B            LD   HL,#1B7D,STMT_R_1   And RETurn to STMT_R_1 in the Spectrum
050E            JP   #004F,UNPAGE_HL     ROM.

This subroutine restores the printer buffers 10 bytes which were destroyed by the
'?_ROMBANK' subroutine.

0511 REST_PBUF  LD   HL,#3BE6
0514            LD   DE,23296
0517            LD   BC,10
051A            LDIR
051C            RET

This small routine is copied to 23296, it returns with the Zero flag set if address
#0001 in the 'main' ROM contains 175, that is when the 48K ROM bank is paged in.

051D DET_ROM    OUT  (231),A             Page +D out.
051F            LD   A,(#0001)
0522            CP   175
0524            JP   #0066,NMI           Page +D in.

This subroutine returns with the Zero flag set when the system file is present in RAM.

0527 SYSTEM_Z   LD   (#3DEA),A
052A            LD   A,(#3DE4)
052D            CP   #44
052F            LD   A,(#3DEA)
0532            RET

The routine continues, with the proper register contents, in the 'main' ROM 'START/NEW'

0533 POWER_UP2  LD   A,#02               Red instead of black border.
0535            OUT  (254),A
0537            LD   A,#3F               Set interrupt vector.
0539            LD   I,A
053B            NOP
053C            NOP
053D            NOP
053E            NOP
053F            NOP
0540            NOP
0541            NOP
0542            NOP
0543            LD   HL,#7FFF            The stackpointer has to point into RAM,
0546            LD   SP,HL               otherwise: trouble (for the
                                         UNPAGE_HL routine).
0547            IM   1                   Set interrupt mode 1.
0549            XOR  A                   Restore registers for 'main' ROM
054A            LD   DE,#FFFF            'START/NEW'.
054D            LD   HL,#11CB
0550            JP   #004F,UNPAGE_HL     Jump to 'START/NEW' in the 'main' ROM.

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