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The initialise system routine 

The following 11 bytes form the file description (directory description and filename) of
a System-file.

035B            DEFM "+SYS*     "

The following 22 bytes form the UFIA of the autoload file, which is loaded right after
the system file.
0365 AUTO_UFIA  DEFB #01                 Drive 1
0366            DEFB #00
0367            DEFB #00
0368            DEFB "D"                 Device "D"
0369            DEFB #01                 Dir. entry for BASIC file.
036A            DEFM "AUTO*     "        Name of autoload file.
0374            DEFB #00                 File type is BASIC.
0375            DEFW #FFFF               Max. length.
0377            DEFW #FFFF
0379            DEFW #FFFF

The RUN command loads the system file.

037B RUN        SET  7,(IY+10)           Clear the 'jump' signal set by using
                                         the 'RUN' command.
037F            LD   IX,#3AC3
0383            LD   A,1                 Signal 'drive 1 is being used'.
0385            LD   (IX+11),A
0388            LD   A,1                 Set drive 1.
038A            LD   (#3DDA),A           Store it in the control port state.
038D            OUT  (239),A             Activate.
038F            CALL #06B6,REST          Move drive head to track 0.
0392            LD   HL,#035A,SYS_DESCR  Copy the file description to UFIA1.
0395            LD   DE,#3E05
0398            LD   BC,11
039B            LDIR
039D            LD   A,%00001000         Signal 'matching name and directory
                                         description have to be found'.
039F            CALL #09A5,SCAN_CAT      Search for the file.
03A2            JP   NZ,#1652,REP_7      Give 'No "SYSTEM" file' error when file
                                         not found.
03A5            RST  #10,CALBAS          Clear the whole screen.
03A6            DEFW #0DAF,CL_ALL
03A8            CALL #17A9,MESG_0        Print the 'SYSTEM LOADING' message.
03AB            CALL #0C04,LOAD_1ST      Copy the file description (directory
                                         description and filename) to UFIA2 and
                                         load the first sector of the file into
                                         the disk buffer.
03AE            LD   HL,#3BD6            Copy the file header (the 9 bytes
03B1            LD   DE,#3E29            consisting of filetype, length, etc.)
03B4            LD   BC,9                to UFIA2.
03B7            LDIR
03B9            LD   (IX+13),9           Update the buffer pointer.
03BD            LD   DE,(#3E2A)          Fetch the systemfile's length.
03C1            LD   HL,#2000            Loadaddress is #2000.
03C4            CALL #079E,LOAD_FILE     Load the system.
03C7            LD   A,#44               Load the system.
03C9            LD   (#3DE4),A           Signal 'System loaded'.
03CC            XOR  A
03CD            PUSH AF
03CE            LD   HL,#2080
03D1            LD   BC,#197F            Calculate checksum.
03D5            ADD  A,(HL)
03D6            PUSH AF
03D7            INC  HL
03D8            DEC  BC
03D9            LD   A,B
03DA            OR   C
03DB            JR   NZ,#03D4,RUN_CHKSUM
03DD            POP  AF
03DE            LD   (HL),A
03DF            XOR  A
03E0            LD   (#3ACF),A           Clear FLAGS3.
03E3            LD   (#2066),A
03E6            RST  #10,CALBAS          Clear the whole display.
03E7            DEFW #0DAF,CL_ALL
03E9            CALL #040C,TAKE_PRTR     If necessary takeover the "P" channel.
03EC            CALL #209B,JMSG3         Print DOS copyright message.
03EF            CALL #042D,INIT_PRTR     If necessary initialize printer.
03F2            LD   IX,#0365,AUTO_UFIA  Point to autoload file ufia.
03F6            CALL #2095,JHXFER        Transfer UFIA to DFCA.
03F9            LD   A,%00001000         Search for a file with specified name
03FB            CALL #09A5,SCAN_CAT      and type.
03FE            JP   NZ,#166C,REP_20     "O.K. G+DOS" if no autoload file found
0401            CALL #1608,SIGN_4        Signal 'loading'.
0404            JP   #2092,JLOAD         Load the file.

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