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The error routines

Whenever a +D error is encountered this routine is executed to handle it. During syntax
checking the error is handled by the 'main' ROM error handler. Whenever an error is found
while executing a command code, a return is made with the Carry flag set and the A
register holding the error number. Only during runtime the error message is printed.

182D D_ERROR    CALL #168E,BORD_REST     Restore normal border colour.
1830            LD   (#3DED),DE          Track & sector with sector error.
1834            XOR  A
1835            LD   (#3ACF),A           Clear FLAGS3.
1838            POP  HL                  Fetch return address.
1839            LD   DE,(#2066)          Fetch (D_ERR_SP).
183D            LD   A,D
183E            OR   E
183F            LD   A,(HL)              Fetch error code.
1840            JR   Z,#1848,D_ERROR1    Jump if (D_ERR_SP) isn't used.

Whenever hook or command codes are being executed, errors are reported to the calling
routine by setting the carry flag. The A register holds the error code.

1842            LD   SP,(#2066)          Clear the machine stack.
1846            SCF                      Carry set to signal 'error'.
1847            RET

The routine continues here when an error message is to be printed.

1848 D_ERROR1   LD   (23610),A           Store error code into (ERR_NR).
184B            RES  5,(IY+1)            Signal 'ready for a new key'.
184F            LD   SP,(23613)          Clear machine stack by using (ERR_SP).
1853            RST  #30,SYNTAX_Z        Return via 'main' ROM 'SET_STK'
1854            LD   HL,#16C5,SET_STK    routine to the error handler during
1857            JP   Z,#004F,UNPAGE_HL   syntax checking.
185A            LD   HL,0
185D            LD   (IY+55),H           Clear FLAGX.
1860            LD   (IY+38),H           And X_PTR-hi.
1863            LD   (23563),HL          Clear DEFADD.
1866            INC  L                   Ensure that stream 0 points to channel
1867            LD   (23574),HL          'K'.
186A            RST  #10,CALBAS          Clear all the work areas and the
186B            DEFW #16B0,SET_MIN       calculator stack.
186D            LD   A,(23728)
1870            AND  A                   Exit via 'END' if error messages are
1871            JP   NZ,#047C,END        to be supressed.
1874            RES  5,(IY+55)           Signal 'EDIT mode' FLAGX.
1878            RST  #10,CALBAS          Clear the lower screen.
1879            DEFW #0D6E,CLS_LOWER
187B            SET  5,(IY+2)            Signal 'lower screen will require
                                         clearing'. (TV_FLAG)
187F            RES  3,(IY+2)            Signal 'mode is to be considered
1883            LD   A,(23610)
1886            CP   4
1888            JR   NZ,#18A5,D_ERROR2   Jump if error isn't 'SECTOR error'.
188A            PUSH AF
188B            LD   DE,(#3DED)          Fetch track and sector where error
188F            LD   H,0                 was signalled.
1891            LD   L,D
1892            PUSH DE
1893            XOR  A                   Print the track number, no leading
1894            CALL #1752,NUM_100       characters.
1897            LD   A,58,":"            Print a colon.
1899            CALL #1799,PRT_A
189C            POP  DE
189D            LD   H,0
189F            LD   L,E
18A0            XOR  A                   Print the sector number, no leading
18A1            CALL #1758,NUM_10        characters.
18A4            POP  AF

The routine now continues with the printing of the error message.

18A5 D_ERROR2   LD   HL,#18C2,ERR_MSGS   HL points to the error message table.
18A8            LD   BC,503              Length of error message table.
18AB            CPIR                     Search for the message.
18AD            CALL #18B8,PRT_MSG_HL    Print it.
18B0            INC  SP                  Drop address of 'main' ROM error
18B1            INC  SP                  handler.
18B2            LD   HL,#1349,MAIN_5A    Print the line and statement number by
18B5            JP   #004F,UNPAGE_HL     jumping into the Spectrum error

This subroutine prints the message pointed to by the HL register.

18B8 PRT_MSG_HL LD   A,(HL)              Fetch a character.
18B9            CP   32
18BB            RET  C                   Exit if it isn't printable, message is
18BC            CALL #1799,PRT_A         Print the character.
18BF            INC  HL
18C0            JR   PRT_MSG_HL          Continue until message end is reached.

The following table contains the +D's error messages. Each message starts with it's
error number.

18C2 ERR_MSGS   DEFB #00
18C3            DEFM "Nonsense in G+DOS"
18D4            DEFB #01
18D5            DEFM "Nonsense in GNOS"
18E5            DEFB #02
18E6            DEFM "Statement END error"
18F9            DEFB #03
18FA            DEFM "BREAK requested"
1909            DEFB #04
190A            DEFM ",SECTOR error"
1917            DEFB #05
1918            DEFM "FORMAT data lost"
1928            DEFB #06
1929            DEFM "CHECK DISC in drive"
193C            DEFB #07
193D            DEFM "No "+ SYS  " file"
194D            DEFB #08
194E            DEFM "Invalid FILE NAME"
195F            DEFB #09
1960            DEFM "Invalid STATION"
196F            DEFB #0A
1970            DEFM "Invalid DEVICE"
197E            DEFB #0B
197F            DEFM "VARIABLE not found"
1991            DEFB #0C
1992            DEFM "VERIFY failed"
199F            DEFB #0D
19A0            DEFM "Wrong FILE type"
19AF            DEFB #0E
19B0            DEFM "MERGE error"
19BB            DEFB #0F
19BC            DEFM "CODE error"
19C6            DEFB #10
19C7            DEFM "PUPIL set"
19D0            DEFB #11
19D1            DEFM "Invalid CODE"
19DD            DEFB #12
19DE            DEFM "Reading a WRITE file"
19F2            DEFB #13
19F3            DEFM "Writing a READ file"
1A06            DEFB #14
1A07            DEFM "O.K. G+DOS"
1A11            DEFB #15
1A12            DEFM "Network OFF"
1A1D            DEFB #16
1A1E            DEFM "Wrong DRIVE"
1A29            DEFB #17
1A2A            DEFM "Disc write PROTECTED"
1A3E            DEFB #18
1A3F            DEFM "Not enough SPACE on disc"
1A57            DEFB #19
1A58            DEFM "Directory FULL"
1A66            DEFB #1A
1A67            DEFM "File NOT FOUND"
1A75            DEFB #1B
1A76            DEFM "END of file"
1A81            DEFB #1C
1A82            DEFB "File NAME used"
1A90            DEFB #1D
1A91            DEFM "NO G+DOS loaded"
1AA0            DEFB #1E
1AA1            DEFM "STREAM used"
1AAC            DEFB #1F
1AAD            DEFM "CHANNEL used"
1AB9            DEFB #00

1ABA - 1FFF Unused locations (All filled with #FF)
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