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The BASIC command execution routines I

This routine handles the copying of files. It is executed as soon as the 'EXPT_PARMS'
routine at #2665 finds a 'TO' keyword. The return address to the routine which called
'EXPT_PARMS' is dropped at #230E.

2308 TO         CALL #3108,TEST_SAVE
230B            JP   Z,#1644,REP_0       Give error if not SAVEing.
230E            POP  HL                  Drop return address to SAVE routine.
230F            CALL #2626,SWAP_UFIAS    Swap the UFIAS.
2312            RST  #28,NEXT_C
2313            AND  #DF                 Drop lower case bit.
2315            CP   68,"D"
2317            JP   NZ,#1644,REP_0      Jump if 2nd device isn't "D".
231A            LD   (#3E04),A           Store it in DEV_TYPE1.
231D            CALL #25E2,EXPT_DEVN     Evaluate drive num., store it in UFIA1.
2320            CALL #25A2,SEPARATOR     Test for a separator, jump if one
2323            JR   Z,#2328,TO_1        found, i.e. a 2nd name is given.
2325            CALL #1608,SIGN_4        Used here to signal 'use source
                                         filename for destination file'.
2328 TO_1       CALL Z,#2640,EXPT_FNAME  Evaluate filename if there was a
232B            CALL #2626,SWAP_UFIAS    Swap the UFIAS again.
232E            CALL #3148,ST_END_RAM    Confirm end of statement and exit
                                         during syntax checking.
2331            LD   HL,#3E1E            Copy the second filename and directory
2334            LD   DE,#3E32            description.
2337            LD   BC,11
233A            LDIR
233C            LD   HL,#0001            Track 0 sector 1.
233F            LD   (#3DED),HL
2342            LD   HL,#0000            Disk buffer offset #0000.
2345            LD   (#3DEB),HL
2348 TO_2       CALL #0702,TEST_DRV      Is the drive defined?
234B            CALL #23EC,TO_SEARCH     Search for a file to be copied.
234E            JP   NZ,#23BF,TO_EXIT    Jump if there are no files left.
2351            CALL #0C04,LOAD_1ST      Copy file description (directory
                                         description and filename) to UFIA2 and
                                         load the first sector of the file into
                                         the disk buffer.
2354            LD   A,(#3E1E)           Get directory description.
2357            CP   5
2359            JR   Z,#2348,TO_2        Jump with 'Snapshot 48K'.
235B            CP   6
235D            JR   Z,#2348,TO_2        Jump with 'Microdrive file'.
235F            CP   9
2361            JR   Z,#2348,TO_2        Jump with 'Snapshot 128K'.
2363            CP   10
2365            JR   Z,#2348,TO_2        Jump with 'Opentype file'.
2367            CP   11
2369            JR   Z,#2348,TO_2        Jump with 'Execute file'.
                                         These five file types can't be copied
                                         with the 'SAVE .. TO ..' command.

Now the file is going to be copied. 
NOTE: The file to be copied will destroy everything above 'start of BASIC'+256 and no
checks are made if the file fits in memory and if the stack isn't overwritten.

236B            CALL #28CD,LOAD_HEAD2    Copy the file header (the 9 bytes
                                         consisting of filetype, length, etc.)
                                         to UFIA2.
236E            LD   HL,(23635)          Fetch start of BASIC program (PROG).
2371            INC  H                   Add 256 to it.
2372            LD   DE,(#3E2A)          Fetch length of file (LENGTH2_1).
2376            CALL #079E,LOAD_FILE     Load DE bytes, starting at address HL.
2379            CALL #23CB,TO_MSG        Print the message "CHANGE disc ...." if
                                         source drive is destination drive.
237C            CALL #2626,SWAP_UFIAS    Swap the UFIA's again. The header of
                                         the loaded file is now held in UFIA1.
237F            CALL #1630,TEST_4        Used here to test whether a 2nd
2382            JR   NZ,#239A,TO_5       filename was given. Jump if not.
2384            LD   HL,#3E33            Here the 2nd filename was stored.
2387            LD   DE,#3E06            Start of filename of loaded file.
238A            LD   B,10                Filename length.

Now the characters from the filename of the loaded file are replaced by the characters
of the 2nd filename. Except when the wildcard characters '*' and '?' were used in the 2nd
name. With '*' all next characters are left unchanged, with '?' the current character
isn't changed.

238C TO_3       LD   A,(HL)
238D            CP   42,"*"              With a '*' don't replace the remaining
238F            JR   Z,#239A,TO_5        characters.
2391            CP   63,"?"              With a '?' in name 2 don't replace this
2393            JR   Z,#2396,TO_4        character.
2395            LD   (DE),A              Store this character.
2396 TO_4       INC  HL
2397            INC  DE
2398            DJNZ #238C,TO_3          Repeat for all 'normal' characters.
239A TO_5       CALL #0702,TEST_DRV
239D            CALL #0AD9,OFSM_2        Open the file for SAVEing.
23A0            JR   NZ,#23B3,TO_6       Jump if file existed already and the
                                         user didn't want to overwrite it.
23A2            CALL #2879,SAVE_HEAD1    SAVE the 9 header bytes to the file.
23A5            LD   HL,(23635)          Fetch start of BASIC (PROG), and add
23A8            INC  H                   256 to it. (here the file was loaded)
23A9            LD   DE,(#3E11)          Length of file.
23AD            CALL #0850,HSVBK_2       Save the file.
23B0            CALL #0B89,CFSM          Close the file.
23B3 TO_6       CALL #2626,SWAP_UFIAS    Swap the UFIA's again.
23B6            CALL #15F4,SIGN_0        Signal 'at least one file has been
23B9            CALL #23CB,TO_MSG        Print message "Input ..." if necessary
23BC            JP   #2348,TO_2          Repeat until no more files have to be

23BF TO_EXIT    CALL #161C,TEST_0        Give error if there isn't one file
23C2            JP   Z,#1678,REP_26      copied.
23C5            LD   HL,#11B7,NEW        Otherwise jump to the appropriate 'NEW'
23C8            JP   #3137,TO_NEW        routine (128K or 48K).

This subroutine tests whether source and destination drives are equal. If they are the
messages "Insert SOURCE disc - press SPACE" and "Insert TARGET disc - press SPACE" are
printed in turn.

23CB TO_MSG     LD   A,(#3E01)           Fetch source drive.
23CE            LD   B,A
23CF            LD   A,(#3E1A)           Fetch destination drive.
23D2            CP   B
23D3            RET  NZ                  Return if they aren't equal.
23D4            RST  #10,CALBAS          Otherwise clear lower screen area.
23D5            DEFW #0D6E,CLS_LOWER
23D7            SET  5,(IY+2)            Signal 'lower screen has to be cleared'
23DB            CALL #30B5,TO_MSG1       Print "Input ... disc" message.
23DE            CALL #0B75,BEEP          Give a beep.
23E1 TO_WSPC    LD   A,#7F               Keyboard row B-SPACE address.
23E3            IN   A,(254)
23E5            RRA
23E6            JR   C,#23E1,TO_WSPC     Jump unless the SPACE key is pressed.
23E8            RST  #10,CALBAS          Clear lower screen.
23E9            DEFW #0D6E,CLS_LOWER
23EB            RET                      Finished.

This subroutine searches for files which have to be copied. It returns with the Zero
flag set if the current file is to be copied, if the complete directory is searched the
routine returns with Zero reset.

23EC TO_SEARCH  LD   DE,(#3DED)          Track & sector to DE.
23F0            LD   A,D
23F1            CP   4                   Jump if not reached track 4, i.e.
23F3            JR   NZ,#23F8,TO_SEARCH1 directory hasn't been read completely.
23F5            CP   0                   Reset Zero flag.
23F7            RET

The directory isn't finished yet, so read sector and test the file(s).

23F8 TO_SEARCH1 CALL #05CC,RSAD          Read sector E from track D.
23FB TO_SEARCH2 CALL #2433,TO_COPY       Check if this file is to be copied.
23FE            PUSH AF                  Store result (Zero flag).
23FF            LD   HL,(#3DEB)          Disk buffer offset to HL.
2402            LD   A,H
2403            CP   1
2405            JR   Z,#2418,TO_NXTSEC   Jump if second entry.
2407            LD   A,(#3DDA)           Fetch current control port status.
240A            AND  #04
240C            JR   NZ,#2418,TO_NXTSEC  Jump with single density.
240E            LD   HL,256              Otherwise offset is for second entry.
2411            LD   (#3DEB),HL
2414            POP  AF                  Restore Zero flag.
2415            RET  Z                   Return if this file is to be copied.
2416            JR   #23FB,TO_SEARCH2    Otherwise next file.

The file entries of the current sector have been tested so point to the next sector.

2418 TO_NXTSEC  LD   HL,0                Offset is for first entry.
241B            LD   DE,(#3DED)          Fetch track and sector.
241F            INC  E                   Next sector.
2420            LD   A,E
2421            CP   11
2423            JR   NZ,#2428,TO_NXT1    Jump if not last sector on this track.
2425            LD   E,1                 Start with sector 1.
2427            INC  D                   Next track.
2428 TO_NXT1    LD   (#3DED),DE          Store track & sector.
242C            LD   (#3DEB),HL          Store disk buffer offset.
242F            POP  AF                  Restore Zero flag.
2430            RET  Z                   Return if previous file is to be
2431            JR   #23F8,TO_SEARCH     copied. Otherwise jump.

This subroutine checks if the 'current' filename is to be  copied. The routine returns
with the Zero flag set to signal yes and RPT pointing to the directory description of the
file to be copied.

2433 TO_COPY    LD   HL,#3BD6            Point to start of sector.
2436            LD   DE,(#3DEB)          Offset to DE.
243A            LD   (IX+14),D           Update RPT (RAM PoinTer (?)).
243D            ADD  HL,DE               Update HL.
243E            LD   A,(HL)              Fetch directory description.
243F            AND  A
2440            JR   NZ,#2444,TO_COPY1   Jump if the file isn't ERASEd.
2442            INC  A                   Reset Zero flag to signal 'do not copy
2443            RET                      this file' and exit.

2444 TO_COPY1   INC  HL                  Step past directory descriptor.
2445            LD   DE,#3E06            DE now points to FILE_NAME1.
2448            LD   B,10                A filename is 10 characters long.
244A TO_COPY2   LD   A,(DE)              Fetch character.
244B            CP   42,"*"              If it was a '*' all other characters
244D            RET  Z                   don't matter. Signal 'copy this one'.
244E            CP   63,"?"              If it was a '?' this character doesn't
2450            JR   Z,#2456,TO_COPY3    matter.
2452            XOR  (HL)
2453            AND  #DF                 Upper and lower case? don't bother.
2455            RET  NZ                  Exit if characters are unequal.
2456 TO_COPY3   INC  DE                  Check next character.
2457            INC  HL
2458            DJNZ #244A,TO_COPY2
245A            RET                      Finished.

This routine checks that the command is in the form CAT <#s;>d<<;>n$>.

245B CAT        LD   IX,#3AC3            Point to the +D workspace.
245F            LD   HL,#3E06            "*" is the default name of the files
2462            LD   (HL),42,"*"         being CATted.
2464            LD   HL,#3E03            Just like #2 is the default output
2467            LD   (HL),2              stream.
2469            RST  #28,NEXT_C          Get next character.
246A            CP   13                  Give an error if an 'end of line' (CR)
246C            JP   Z,#1648,REP_2       is found right after "CAT".
246F            CP   58,":"
2471            JP   Z,#1648,REP_2       Same error for ":".
2474            CP   35,"#"              Jump if no stream specified, use
2476            JR   NZ,#2481,CAT_DRV    default stream #2.
2478            CALL #2AEF,EXPT_#NR      Evaluate stream number.
247B            CALL #25A2,SEPARATOR     Check if there is a separator.
247E            JP   NZ,#1644,REP_0      Give an error if no separator found.
2481 CAT_DRV    CALL #25FA,EXPT_DEVN2    Evaluate drive number.
2484            CALL #25A2,SEPARATOR     Evaluate filename if there is a
2487            CALL Z,#2640,EXPT_FNAME  separator.
248A            CP   33,"!"              If there is no "!" then an extended
248C            JR   NZ,#2499,EXT_CAT    catalogue is given.
248E            RST  #28,NEXT_C          Next character.
248F            CALL #3148,ST_END_RAM    Confirm end of statement and exit when
                                         syntax checking.
2492            CALL #0702,TEST_DRV      See if drive is defined.
2495            LD   A,%00000010         Signal 'small' CAT.
2497            JR   #24A4,DO_CAT1

2499 EXT_CAT    CALL #3148,ST_END_RAM    Confirm end of statement and exit
                                         during syntax time.
249C            RST  #10,CALBAS          Clear the screen by calling 'main' ROM
249D            DEFW #0DAF,CL_ALL        routine.
249F DO_CAT     CALL #0702,TEST_DRV      See if drive is defined.
24A2            LD   A,%00000100         Signal extended CAT.
24A4 DO_CAT1    CALL #24B5,CAT_RUN       Give the CAT.
24A7            JP   #047C,END           Finished.

This routine makes a catalogue of the disk inserted in the specified drive, by calling
the +D ROM routine 'SCAN_CAT'. 

24AA CAT_1      LD   HL,#3E06            Point to name.
24AD            LD   (HL),42,"*"         All files.
24AF            LD   HL,#3E03            Point to stream number.
24B2            LD   A,2                 Make it stream 2.
24B4            LD   (HL),A
24B6            LD   A,(#3E03)
24B9            RST  #10,CALBAS          Open the desired stream by calling
24BA            DEFW #1601,CHAN_OPEN     'CHAN_OPEN' in the 'main' ROM.
24BC            LD   A,13
24BE            CALL #1799,PRT_A         Printing starts on the next line.
24C1            CALL #304B,MSG_0         Print the 1st part of "DIR"-message.
24C4            LD   A,(#3ACE)           Fetch current drive.
24C7            AND  #03                 Only bits 0&1.
24C9            OR   #30                 Make ASCII "1" or "2".
24CB            CALL #1799,PRT_A         Print drive number.
24CE            CALL #3061,MSG_1         Print the 2nd part of "DIR"-message.
24D1            LD   HL,0                Reset 'total number of sectors'
24D4            LD   (#3DD8),HL          occupied.
24D7            POP  AF                  Restore 'CAT' type.
24D8            CALL #09A5,SCAN_CAT      Print the CAT entries.
24DB            CALL #3072,MSG_2         Print "Free ..." message.
24DE            CALL #0985,DRV_CAP       Get drive capacity in A register.
24E1            PUSH BC
24E2            BIT  7,A
24E4            JR   Z,#24E7,CAT_RUN1    Jump if drive is single sided.
24E6            ADD  A,A                 Otherwise double the number of tracks
                                         and get rid of the side bit.
24E7 CAT_RUN1   SUB  4                   Subtract number of catalogue tracks.
24E9            LD   HL,0
24EC            LD   B,10                Each track has 10 sectors.
24EE            LD   D,0                 Number of tracks to DE.
24F0            LD   E,A
24F1 CAT_RUN2   ADD  HL,DE               Calculate total number of sectors.
24F2            DJNZ #24F1,CAT_RUN2
24F4            POP  BC
24F5            NOP                      New code is two bytes shorter.
24F6            NOP
24F7            LD   DE,(#3DD8)          Get number of used sectors.
24FB            XOR  A                   Clear carry.
24FC            SBC  HL,DE               Calculate number of free sectors.
24FE            SRL  H                   Divide it by two to get number of free
2500            RR   L                   K-bytes.
2502            XOR  A
2503            CALL #174C,PRT_N1000     Print the number.
2506            LD   A,13
2508            CALL #1799,PRT_A         Print a newline.
250B            RET

This routine checks that the command is in the form ERASE *n$ to erase a file or ERASE
*n1$ TO n2$ to rename a file. The '*' stands for +D syntax ('d'd<;>) or Microdrive syntax

250C ERASE      RST  #28,NEXT_C          Get next character.
250D            LD   (#3E04),A           Store the device descriptor.
2510            CP   34,"""              Test for Microdrive syntax if it was a
2512            CALL Z,#25C2,MD_SYN1     quote.
2515            CALL #25E2,EXPT_DEVN     Evaluate the drive number.
2518            CALL #25A2,SEPARATOR     Test for a separator.
251B            JP   NZ,#1644,REP_0      Give error if none found.
251E            CALL #2640,EXPT_FNAME    Evaluate filename.
2521            CP   204,"TO"            Is the filename followed by "TO"?
2523            JR   Z,#2561,RENAME      Jump if so, rename is wanted.
2525            CALL #3148,ST_END_RAM    Confirm end of statement and exit
                                         during syntax checking.
2528            LD   A,(#3E04)           Fetch device descriptor.
252B            AND  #DF                 Drop lower case bit.
252D            CP   68,"D"
252F            JR   Z,#2536,ERASE_RUN   Jump if it was "D".
2531            CP   77,"M"
2533            JP   NZ,#1658,REP_10     Give error if it wasn't "M".

This routine deletes the specified file(s) on the specified drive. First it calls the
routine 'FIND_FILE' to find a matching name, then it marks the file ERASEd by setting the
directory description to 0, the dir. entry is then SAVEd back to disc.

2536 ERASE_RUN  CALL #0702,TEST_DRV      See if drive is defined.
2539 ERASE_LOOP CALL #2559,FIND_FILE     Find the file.
253C            JR   NZ,#2548,NOT_FOUND  Jump if not found.
253E            LD   (HL),0              Directory description 0 means ERASEd.
2540            CALL #0584,WSAD          Write sector DE.
2543            CALL #15F4,SIGN_0        Signal 'at least one file ERASEd'.
2546            JR   #2539,ERASE_LOOP    ERASE all files with this filename.

2548 NOT_FOUND  CALL #161C,TEST_0        Give an error if there wasn't at least
254B            JP   Z,#1678,REP_26      one file ERASEd.
254E ERASE_EXIT LD   A,(#3E04)
2551            CP   68,"D"              If the device descriptor was a
2553            CALL Z,#24AA,CAT_1       (capital) "D", then give a CATalogue.
2556            JP   #047C,END           Finished.

This routine searches the directory for a matching filename by calling the +D ROM
routine 'SCAN_CAT', it returns with HL pointing to the directory description of the
matching file. This routine is also called by command code 65 routine.

2559 FIND_FILE  LD   A,%00010000         Scan the CATalogue for a matching
255B            CALL #09A5,SCAN_CAT      filename.
255E            JP   #0D93,RPT_HL        Make HL point to the start of the dir.
                                         entry buffer and exit.

This routine renames a file by replacing its filename, given first, by the filename
given second. It first tests whether the 'new' name isn't used already. If not, a check
is made whether the file to be renamed exists.

2561 RENAME     RST  #28,NEXT_C          Get next character.
2562            CALL #25A2,SEPARATOR     Check if there is a separator.
2565            JP   NZ,#1644,REP_0      Give an error if none found.
2568            CALL #2620,EXPT_2FNAM    Evaluate 2nd filename.
256B            CALL #3148,ST_END_RAM    Confirm end of statement and exit when
                                         syntax checking.
256E            LD   A,(#3E04)           Fetch device descriptor.
2571            AND  #DF                 Drop lower case bit.
2573            CP   68,"D"
2575            JR   Z,#257C,RENAME_RUN  Jump if it was a "D".
2577            CP   77,"M"
2579            JP   NZ,#1658,REP_10     Give error if it wasn't a "M".
257C RENAME_RUN CALL #0702,TEST_DRV      See if the drive is defined.
257F            CALL #2626,SWAP_UFIAS    Swap UFIA 1 & 2 in the DFCA.
2582            CALL #2559,FIND_FILE     Give an error if the 2nd filename
2585            JP   Z,#167C,REP_28      already exists.
2588            CALL #2626,SWAP_UFIAS    Swap UFIA 1 & 2 in the DFCA.
258B            CALL #2559,FIND_FILE     Give an error if the 1st filename
258E            JP   NZ,#1678,REP_26     doesn't exist.
2591            INC  HL
2592            PUSH DE
2593            LD   DE,#3E1F            Rename the file by copying the 2nd to
2596            EX   DE,HL               the 1st name.
2597            LD   BC,10
259A            LDIR
259C            POP  DE
259D            CALL #0584,WSAD          Write the CATalogue sector.
25A0            JR   #254E,ERASE_EXIT    Exit via 'ERASE_EXIT'.

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