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The system message routines

Finally there follow some messages. A message follows directly after the CALL to the
ROM print routine. Note that the CALLs were altered in system 3d, to make it possible
to print while command code 67 (PCAT) is executing.

1979 MSG_0      CALL #3C1D,PO_MSG1
197C            DEFM "* DISCiPLE .. DISC"
198E            DEFB " "+128
198F MSG_1      CALL #3C1D,PO_MSG1
1992            DEFM " DIRECTORY *"
199E            DEFB 13,13+128
19A0 MSG_2      CALL #3C1D,PO_MSG1
19A3            DEFB 13,13
19A5            DEFM "Number of free K-Bytes ="
19BD            DEFB " "+128
19BE MSG_3      CALL #3C1D,PO_MSG1
19C1            DEFM "© Miles Gordon Technology DOS 3d"
19E1            DEFB 13,13+128
19E3 MSG_4      CALL #3C1D,PO_MSG1
19E6            DEFB 13
19E7            DEFM "CHANGE disc SPAC"
19FF            DEFB "E"+128