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Miscalleneous routines II

This subroutine sends a command block over the network. It is used whenever the master
station wants to steal a file from or force one upon a pupil station. In System 3c the
code from address #15DC was replaced by one call to the ROM in order to free 62 bytes
for some patches.

15CB SEND_BLOCK LD   A,(#1E01)           Fetch destination station number.
15CE            LD   (#1DFD),A
15D1            LD   A,(#029C)           Fetch own station number from (NSTAT).
15D4            CP   1
15D6            JP   NZ,#295A,REP_29     Give error if not the master station.
15D9            LD   (#1DFE),A           Store own station number.
15DC            CALL #28DD,REQ_SERV4     Send the command block over the network.
15DF            RET

This small piece of code was added in System 3c to overcome the hanging up of the
DISCiPLE during booting when the system is setup for a printer, but there isn't one
present. It returns with Carry set if the printer mustn't be initialized.

15E0 TEST_PRTR  LD   A,(#02A3)           (ZXPNT)
15E3            AND  A                   Jump if the printer isn't to be handled
15E4            JR   NZ,#15EB,TEST_PRTR1 by the DISCiPLE.
15E6            IN   A,(31)
15E8            BIT  6,A                 Check the busy line of the printer.
15EA            RET  NZ                  Return if it's high.

If a printer isn't attached it is impossible for the line to be high, if the printer
is off-line this line is held low by the printer.

15EB TEST_PRTR1 SCF                      Set Carry to signal no printer.
15EC            RET                      Finished.

This patch cures the bug related to 'OPENTYPE' files on drive 2. System 3b mixed up
the soft- and hardware's representation of drive 1 and 2. So when closing an 'OPENTYPE'
file on drive 2, the software representation of drive 2 (10 binary) was send to the
hardware which resulted in the selection of side 2 of drive 2.

15ED CL_PATCH   LD   E,(IX+17)           Fetch sector and track.
15F0            LD   D,(IX+18)
15F3            LD   A,(IX+11)           Fetch drive number (hardware
15F6            LD   (#1ACE),A           representation, so 1 or 0).
15F9            CALL #29C6,JSLCT_DRV     Select track, sector, side and drive
                                         (uses hardware representation).
15FC            CALL #2981,JCFSM         Close the file sector map.
15FF            RET                      Finished.

This patch gives an error report when an attempt is made to open an existing OUTput
file using a command code. A jump back to the 'open a temporary channel' routine is
made if not using a command code.

1601            LD   HL,(#0296)
1604            LD   A,H
1605            OR   L                   Jump back to the 'OP_TEMP' routine if
1606            POP  HL                  'D_ERR_SP' is zero (this isn't the case
1607            JP   Z,#133D,OP_TEMP6    during command code execution).
160A            JP   #2958,REP_28        Otherwise give 'File NAME used' error.

When the file copy command is finished the DISCiPLE jumps to the 'NEW' routine. With
System 3b this always was a 48K 'NEW', in System 3c this was altered.

160D TO_NEW     BIT  4,(IY+1)            Jump if not in 128K mode HL contains
1611            JP   Z,#004F,UNPAGE_HL   #11B7, the address of 48K 'NEW'.
1614            CALL #5B00,SWAP          Call the paging subroutine of the 128.
1617            DI
1618            LD   BC,#00C7            Address of 128 'NEW' routine.
161B            JP   #0046,UNPAGE_BC
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