The Miles Gordon Technology DISCiPLE gives the Sinclair ZX Spectrum
access to diskdrives, printers, joysticks and a network. An Operating
System of almost 16K is added to the Spectrum "main" ROM to control,
from BASIC or machine code, the new functions. This book lists and
explains all the code belonging to 'System 3d'.

When I upgraded my Spectrum by buying the DISCiPLE, it never came to
my mind that it would be me who had to deal with
'The Complete DISCiPLE Disassembly'. I hope the reader finds it useful
and wish him or her success in discovering the programming "secrets"
of the DISCiPLE.

Met dank aan:
     J.H. Arends
     C.M. Ballintijn
     R.L. Koning
     J.A.L. Stap
     Sinclair Gebruikersgroep Groningen

Assen, October 1993                         J.R. Biesma
                                            The Netherlands