The page of Roelof Koning

Texts :
  • ROM Bank switching
    Introducing an on-the-fly method for paging ROM banks that mimics the mechanism as is used in Sinclairs Interface1.
    Description of a hierarchical file management system on mass storage devices for the Sinclair ZX-Spectrum.
    Only demo available at the moment januari 2009
  • USB
    How to construct an USB port for the Spectrum.

Projects :

  • Empty
    for now....
  • Empty
    for now....

About me and my Spectrum:

Starting with a Spectrum 48K in 1983 I had plans for a number of programming experiments, but soon felt attracted by expanding the capabilities of the humble Spectrum beyond the original plans of Sir Clive. My choice was for the Opus Discovery. Rather soon (1994) I had a Spectrum running with 96K ROM, 256K RAM, 720K floppy drive, 20MB hard disk, and a real keyboard. This configuration serves me until today (2017), although the hard disk is exchanged by a DOM. (Disk On Module Flash Disk) My ultimate goal was having all inside a 48K rubber Spectrum and I am getting very close now.


I did not 'invent' my knowledge about the Spectrum, but learned all I know from the bright people who shared their knowledge with the world. Making the results of my experiments public, should be seen as a kind of return. Thanks to Rudy Biesma a few items can be presented here.

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